3 Pack of Roll Over & Rub It! Seasoning Bottles

3 Pack of Roll Over & Rub It! Seasoning Bottles

$ 13.99

Roll Over & Rub It! All Everything Seasoning                          Gluten Free   No MSG   Low Sodium

Love it so much you can't get enough?  Order a three pack of the Roll Over and Rub It! seasoning.

Product Description: 3 units of  6.2 oz. (176g) of quality spices in a standard 8 oz. shaker top bottle (5” x 2” x 2”) that’s “tail-waggin’ good!  

Shipping Details: Weight & Package Based

Who doesn't like to sit down to enjoy laughter and a mouthwatering meal? Life is as simple as that.

Huge Mike's started as a passion for cooking; bringing happiness to others through food. Inspired by his mother and Grandma Y, Huge Mike decided to keep the family tradition alive through Huge Mike's products.

Roll Over & Rub It - All Everything Seasoning is a perfect match for your family's favorites. Shake it on your meats, veggies, dips popcorn and more!

Kiss of Sweet…Nip of Heat…Tail-Waggin' Good!