The Tail of Huge Mike's


Our tail begins wagging with Grandma Yonevich from Minsk, Russia. Arriving in the United States through Ellis Island when she was a young girl, Grandma Y (as she is so affectionately called) settled her family in the historic neighborhood of Strawberry Hill, Kansas City, KS.

Through the years, the Huge Mike's family routinely pulled out the 30-year-old cookbook, "Recipes from Strawberry Hill" by St. John the Baptist for go to classics.  On the Hill, immigrants made the most of what they had or could afford.  There was not waste; everything was put to use in some fashion.  For example, lard...Grandma Y had a can of it on her stove, ready to be used, cooled and used again.  Low end cuts or portions of a pig were always in fashion. Grandma canned pickled pigs feet and snout.  She would also have fresh tomatoes and peppers from her small garden.  When the ripening season ended, she canned the green tomatoes and made, hot pickled tomatoes.  A pairing of a bite of the hot pickled tomato with a bite of fried pork chop and boom!  The taste was Huge!  

Huge Mike's, started as a passion and love of cooking for others; bringing happiness to family and friends through food.  Inspired by his Grandma Y and mother, Huge Mike had the desire to produce a great meal with what was available and make people happy. Huge Mike wants to create and share his passion with others.  How does Huge plan on keeping the family tradition alive?  It's simple focus on these three F's:  Family, Food and Fun... Now that's Huge!


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