Why The Dog? May 27, 2015

You might be wondering... Why the wiener dog?

I've grown up with the dachshund breed my entire life. The wiener dog to me is a family tradition, they have become part of the fabric of my life. We have a pack of five dachshunds at home: Sable, Harley, Ryder, Baylee and Colt, along with a chocolate lab, Murphee.  They are all different with different personalities, just like people... and great taste-testers in the kitchen!

The dog specifically used in our logo is my trusty ole' pal Baylee.  She's always by my side, especially when I run the smoker in the backyard.  She is my BBQ buddy and loves to test the products!  

Like the loyal wiener dog, Huge Mike's embodies a light hearted, happy go lucky, tail-waggin', kiss your face all over experience.  Remember, food and the cooking of great food creates an experience!  Now that's Huge!

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